Saturday, 14 November 2009

IDIOM - An ontology-centric IT Framework

I've been working in an ISO committee for many years and have been trying to convince it to adopt the same IT that the rest of industry uses. It appears that's finally coming to pass (small hurrah heard here).

The committee is called Industrial Data so I came up with the name 'Industrial Data Integrated Ontologies and Models' or IDIOM. Actually, came up with the name 3-4 years ago on one of my many cross-Atlantic flights when my laptop battery died. The core point of the whole exercise is to base a suite of inter-related IT capabilities (process models, SOA, etc) around a core of concepts that are formally specified in logic-based ontologies.

We've done the basic developing on the futurearch wiki (at, which is a nice free service). Note that although 'Industrial Data' is in the name, there is absolutely nothing limiting how this IT Framework can be used.

More to come ...

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